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Creating a pool

A connection pool is a specialized ConnectionFactory implementation that maintains a set of ready to use connections and performs connection validation before returning them to clients. The pool delegates connection requests to underlying factory provided by client during pool creation.

Creating a pool

The pool is implemented in ConnectionPool class. To create instance of the pool use ConnectionPool companion object's apply method as follows:

import io.rdbc.pool.sapi.ConnectionPool
import io.rdbc.pool.sapi.ConnectionPoolConfig

val cf: ConnectionFactory = ???

val pool = ConnectionPool(cf, ConnectionPoolConfig())

To create the pool you first need to create and configure a connection factory provided by rdbc driver you use (see the line 4 in the above snippet) and then pass it as the ConnectionPool#apply argument (line 6). The second argument of the apply method is ConnectionPoolConfig instance holding the pool configuration. See configuration chapter for available configuration options.

Closing a pool

As any other ConnectionFactory, a pool needs to be shut down to clean up resources. Use ConnectionPool#shutdown method to do it.